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After the release of Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatches, the YouTube Music app is still missing from the all-inclusive Wear OS smartwatches that will be available. You see, since Google Play Music was replaced with YouTube Music, the wear and tear OS companion app was discontinued, and Wear OS didn’t see a correct replacement until recently with Samsung’s new SmartWatch with Wear OS 3, and as far as. Now running Wear OS 2. X with other yen watches.

According to The Verge, the YouTube Music companion app is now rolling out for Wear OS 2. X Smart Watches. Google Shops confirms that the updated app arrives this week with Fossil and Michael Kors Gen 6 smartwatches, and Mobio’s Talk Watch Pro 3 GPS, Talk Watch E3, and Wi-Fi receiving Wear OS 2. X devices. The app is “later this year”.

YouTube Music app, rolling out to older Wear OS watches this week

Like the recently updated Spotify app for Wear OS, YouTube Music can download tracks for offline playback. This track refreshes whenever the SmartWatch goes private with Wi-Fi. Be careful, however, this is only possible if you are a YouTube music or YouTube premium subscriber.

It’s been a year since Google announced that it was sunsetting the Google Play Music Wear OS app. Google will finally announce the YouTube music app for Wear OS on Google’s Virtual I / O this year when Google announced its collaboration with Samsung to integrate Wear OS 3.


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