Microsoft will soon integrate Spotify into Windows 11 as part of the Focus Sessions feature to help users complete tasks while listing their favorite music. The development was shared by Product Manager Panos Panay on Twitter with a brief video showing how the feature works. Additionally, Microsoft is also integrating its OneNote applications into a single application and this will be part of a series of updates over the next 12 months. The company says it’ll provide “the simplicity of one OneNote application on Windows while enjoying the interface and features you already know.”

Windows 11 feature

Bannai shared the first look at the new “Session Focus” feature coming soon to Windows 11 via a short clip on Twitter. It shows the mixing of Spotify in Windows 11 as a part of Focus Sessions. In the Clock app, under the main target Sessions tab, you’ll see a panel dedicated to Spotify. This basically allows you to line attention timer and complete tasks while taking note of your favorite playlist on Spotify. The task list is often seen on the page with a timer above it and therefore the Spotify panel on the proper.
At the instant, the main target sessions feature isn’t available within the public version of Windows 11, but Panay shared it soon.

Windows 11
Windows 11

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Additionally, Microsoft will release a series of updates over the next 12 months for OneNote, as OneNote for Windows 10 is available from the Microsoft Store and the OneNote application installed with Office will be integrated into a single OneNote application. This app will get new features in addition to existing features that are currently exclusive to OneNote for Windows 10. Those using the OneNote for Windows version of the service will receive an in-app invitation to upgrade to the OneNote app starting in the second half of next year.

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If you’re already using the OneNote app installed with Office, you’ll start to see new features at startup. If you use OneNote for Windows 10, you will be notified of features that help you navigate to the OneNote app. Interestingly, both OneNote applications will continue to work on Windows 11. However, OneNote for Windows 10 won’t come pre-installed on a clean installation of Windows 11. The OneNote application is additionally available as a free

Windows 11
windows 11

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