Windows 11 bugs slow down AMD processors, AMD and Microsoft are working on a fix

Microsoft released Windows 11 this week as a free update for Windows 10 compatible PCs. However, if you are running an AMD processor and have not yet been updated, you may want to shut down as the two functions are unchanged.

The first one affects the L3 cache and increases the delay by 3x. Typical applications will see a 3-5 performance drop in performance, but sports games can experience as much as 10-15 slower.

Windows 11 bugs, slow down AMD processors, AMD and Microsoft are working on a fix

other Prevents a Big Windows from properly utilizing AMD’s “Priority Core” feature. This is how the processor tells OS which cores it can get from highest to highest clock speeds (and thus better for higher-priority tasks). The application that runs only a few threads will be affected, but it’s not clear how much. AMD says the effect will be clear from the processor with 8 cores or wands on processors and over TDP 65W.

AMD is working with Microsoft to resolve both issues. The fix is expected by the end of the month unless there is a collision along the way. So, depending on what type of CPU you have and what software you run, you may want to stop updating Windows 11 until the fax is finished.


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