The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Samsung was expected to bring the cheaper flagship Galaxy S21 FE to the unpacked ceremony of August, but it was eventually postponed until a launch in October.

Recent reports from South Korea revealed that this is not going to happen – the Korean manufacturer has completely canceled the arrival, that is, the impressive Galaxy Zip Philip 3 sales have been cited, as well as the chip shortage in 2021. The smartphone is distracting the business.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, launch  canceled

Samsung was preparing an unedited rail ceremony until mid-October, but a company representative has confirmed that this is not happening, and the team is reviewing whether the phone will be coming to the phone market. The Galaxy Z Philip 3 is already selling specs with the Snapdragon 888 chipset, exactly the same chipset the Galaxy S21FE was expected.

The uncertainty in the chip’s production lines is pushing Samsung to make the tough decision on which device to cut – the -foldable, which is still a forced shipping smartphone, and the company as a technology leader. Is a flagship of capabilities, or for value. -Galaxy S21 lineup’s money leader.

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