The Samsung Galaxy E73 will have a 108MP main camera, rumors claim

The first phone to play the 108MP main camera was the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, an upper midrange launch launched in November 2019. Since then, Xiaomi has been producing products with Xiaomi 108MP sensors for thousands of its products, but Samsung has only used this record for its top-line presentations in S and note lines.

That may change in the coming weeks and months, though, as a new rumor from a Korean company’s house now claims that the upcoming Galaxy A73 will have a 108MP main camera.

The Samsung Galaxy E73 will have a 108MP main camera, rumors claim

This will be the first time that Samsung has used such a sensor in any of its senior Rangers, and it has the potential to enable the A73 to compete better with different Xiaomi devices. Rumors unfortunately do not specify which sensor of Samsung will be used.

We’re getting to need to guess – this may be the ISOCELL HM2 1 / 1.52 “sensor that’s also seen within the Ready Note 10 Pro. This is Samsung’s today made 108MP sensor, as it comes with 0.7µm pixels. It is suitable for mid-range smartphones, as well. Samsung is predicted to continue the trend of the OIS line-up of the most camera of its best-selling A-series devices and technology the A73’s 108 MP camera. To bring on the Galaxy E lineup, so we hope the rumor goes away.

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