The Beatles Studio 3 ACW

Apple’s Beats Studio 3 has a new special design option that is the result of a partnership with fashion label A-Cold-Wall * (ACW). The new Beats Studio 3 ACW comes with colorful cement and ACW branding of special cement. The carrying case also has the logo of the fashion brand although it is still in plain black color.

The Beatles Studio 3 ACW, the edition was announced

They will usually retail for $ 349.95 as the Studio 3 headphones though they may be a bit difficult to actually get as resellers will certainly try and do a lot of pairs at a time. Apple’s website says they’re coming soon.

Beats Studio 3 features a top-of-the-line design with ANC, Apple’s W1 chip, and up to 44 hours of battery life with ANC off. We reviewed Beats Studio 3 back in 2018 so you can see how we handled them in our review.


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