A new Sony Xperia phone will be announced on October 26

Sony’s mobile division has been quiet since it launched the Xperia 1 III in late August – it finally got around to making the Xperia 5 III available in stores and has quietly introduced an Xperia 10 III Lite in Japan. But now there’s an amazing sign of activity.

There is a new Xperia product announcement scheduled for October 26ththat’s the Tuesday two weeks from now. What will Sony announce? One phone clearly, Xperia branding is front and center.

Sony Xperia phone, will be announced on October 26

But this is way too soon for Mark IV phones, Qualcomm hasn’t even set up a new Snapdragon chipset yet. Oh, yeah, the Mark III series only recently made it to market. So a middle ranger? This is possible, but as has been shown with the normal appearance of the 10 III light, the mid-range is not exactly for that reason, shiny.

Therefore, we have become our own eyes. We did not go through past reports about Sony’s mobile division, but there were no rumors about the upcoming phones. The company is busy with PlayStation, headphones, mirrorless cameras, etc., but there’s nothing new about the phone.

Sony Xperia phone, will be announced on October 26


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