Samsung’s W22 is China’s Galaxy Z Fold3

Last year, Samsung launched the Galaxy Z2 in China as W21, with different colors compared to the global market, and we have already heard that the company is planning to pull something similar this year.

Look, look, look, ladies and gentlemen! Here is the Samsung’s W22 5G, also known from China and also known as the Ativo Galaxy XZ Fold 3. As with the W21, the W22 comes in a combination of China’s distinctive colors, although this year the thin gold trim has been reduced by the logo on the rear occupancy area and the back.

Samsung's W22, is China's Galaxy Z Fold3, and it just surfaced in a leaked promo render.

As you can see, the rest of the phone is black, including a lot of styling (though there is a gold band on the S Pen to match the gold leg). W22 will be offered by China Telecom, of course, since the promo poster you can see above is missing from that carrier, but that doesn’t mean that China Mobile and China Unicom will not sell W22.

Our Chinese is a little rusty, but what we can gather is that the Samsung W22 is going to be official either in China later this month or early November, complete with Samsung Care + service. It is unlikely that there are any internal changes compared to the Galaxy Z Fold3, though the W22 can come with external storage and maybe even a dual SIM slot.


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