Samsung says ray tracking is coming to the mobile game with the Exynos 2200

Speedy ray tracking of hardware was unveiled a few years ago on desktop GPUs, it’s part of the current generation of consoles and will be rolling out to smartphones next year – Samsung’s upcoming Exynos 2200 GPU on AMD’s rDNA 2 architecture. And will maintain retargeting support. Of desktop and laptop GPUs.

Samsung says, ray tracking is coming to the mobile game, with the Exynos 2200

Ray tracing is a physically accurate simulation of how light bounces off objects, so it produces a more realistic image, but photo-realistic lighting and shadows compared to the traditional way of 3D models. Re-tracking is computationally expensive, however, so using it requires hardware support in games to achieve real-time performance.

The GPU will also support variable-rate shading, which allows some objects (for example player roles) to have higher standards than quality (for example texture and color runs on the fourth record for background).

The Exynos 2200 GPU is expected to be 30 percent faster than the current top financial GPU, which should put it slightly ahead of the next fiscal-G710. The final performance will depend on the clock speed that Samsung is able to achieve with the final chip design.

Samsung says, ray tracking is coming to the mobile game, with the Exynos 2200

RDNA 2 is used in Radeon RX 6000 graphics cards, PlayStation 5 and Xbox series S / X consoles (with some tokens), APU Steam deck, and powers the entertainment system of the new Tesla Model S and X cars.


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