Samsung partnered with film directors to shoot the film entirely on the Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Electronics is announcing its new partnership with film directors to showcase the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra capable camera. The company is co-starring British film director Joe Wright, who is known for his work on pride and prejudice and forgiveness.

The campaign begins with The Princess and the Puppies, directed by Wright. This music film uses live-action choreography and kpc rock, captured by the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Check out the official trailer here.

Samsung partnered, with film directors, to shoot the film, entirely on the Galaxy S21 Ultra

We chose the wide lens, something we had never done before […] to move it closer to the lens we used for the wide shots gave the film a certain look and feel, a kind. Frustrating, amazing quality. And we got back to shooting time with Super 8.

A movie that will be filmed in #withGalaxy will include Chinese director and director N Shad Mo, who is a hero for Atoll, Love will give us Apart, and my huckleberry friend. “Shaw uses the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G to capture footage of his new film, Cousins ​​of Paradise, a poetic look at the conflicts between children’s children in today’s small schools on the poet side. To capture the story, Shaw molested the director of the Galaxy. The S21 Ultra records three different shots at the same time for a lively, almost professional-like movie experience.

Samsung partnered, with film directors, to shoot the film, entirely on the Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung intends to continue to partner with filmmaker directors worldwide to continue to showcase Samsung’s flagship smartphone camera.

The films will be released at the Busan International Film Festival in South Korea, which will be held this month.


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