Realme TechLife Air Purifier and Vacuum Cleaner

Yesterday we specifically announced that Realme will launch the TechLife Air Purifier in India next week, and the company has confirmed that it will be launching the goods on September 30 in its largest market.

In addition to the Air Purifier, Realm will also launch in Hindwell Vacuum Cleaner and Robot Vacuum Cleaner India next Thursday.

Realm has not yet disclosed the Indian prices of these products, but yesterday we specifically noted that the Air Purifier’s HEPA filter will have MRP 1,499 ($ 20 / € 17), with actual sales The price is expected to be lower.

Realme TechLife Air Purifier and Vacuum Cleaner Launched on September 30th in India

Realme TechLife is a three-stage filtration system in the Air Purifier, and Realm claims it removes 99.95 percent of 0.3-micron particles and PM2.5 pollution from the air.

The equipment is advertised for 14.4 minutes in a 30m3 room for air purification and comes with a real-time air quality indicator. You also get a timer that allows you to turn off the automatic cleaner after using no more than four, four, or eight hours.

Handheld vacuum cleaner 140W motor rails with 10,500 RPM, providing 9.5KPa of suction power. It comes with a HEPA filter and an auto-rotating floor brush with an RPM of 2,200. Realm says Handheld Vacuum Cleaner has 40 minutes in runtime soft mode and 20 minutes in storage mode.

Realme TechLife Air Purifier and Vacuum Cleaner Launched on September 30th in India

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner, by the way, comes in a 2-in-1 Vacuum + Mapping function and features LiDAR systems for smart mapping and navigation. The device has an auto-recharge feature and packs a 5,200 mAh battery. It also has a 600mL dust box onboard, and you can buy 300mL electronic water tanks separately if you want to use a mapping function. In addition, Robot Vacuum Cleaner has Google Assistant and Alexa support, allowing you to run it with voice control.


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