Realme 9 use a 108MP sensor

The Realme 9 (4G) will be the company’s second phone after the Realme 8 Pro to feature a 108 MP sensor. However, the 8 Pro uses the older ISOCELL HM2, while the 9 uses the brand new HM6 sensor.

The company will sell the new camera under the name “ProLight.” As it explains, the ISOCELL HM6 uses the new NonaPixel Plus layout (3×3 binning) which, combined with other improvements, will give the sensor a 123% increase in light gathering ability compared to the HM2.

Realme 9 will use a brand new 108MP sensor - Samsung's ISOCELL HM6

Based on internal tests, Realme says the new camera produces brighter photos and better color reproduction when shooting in low light.

The Realme 9 will also use the “Super Zoom” feature built into the HM6 sensor to achieve lossless zoom using the main camera. Samsung has yet to officially unveil the new sensor – the Realme 9 will be the first to use it, while the phone itself is still awaiting release. Expect to hear more details about the HM6 and the new NonaPixel Plus configuration soon.

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