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ESL Gaming and Qualcomm Technologies have joined forces to completely change the direction of mobile gaming, bringing the excitement of competition into the pockets of players around the world. This multi-year agreement underscores both parties’ shared vision and commitment to create an accessible, high-quality mobile gaming experience for both novice and seasoned competitors.

Qualcomm and ESL Gaming launch Snapdragon Pro series of esports events with $2 million in prize money

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Snapdragon Pro Series

The Snapdragon Pro Series will be a complete global mobile esports ecosystem with tournaments in North America, Europe, the Middle East, China, North Africa, and the Asia Pacific. The Snapdragon Pro Series will launch the world’s premier multi-type mobile e-sports competition, and will finally host the grand Master’s live finals.

This disruptive event concept utilizes devices powered by the Snapdragon platform, equipped with Snapdragon Elite Gaming technology, freeing players from any limitations and creating a breakthrough gaming experience.

Qualcomm and ESL Gaming launch Snapdragon Pro series of esports events with $2 million in prize money

Snapdragon Elite Gaming’s remarkable full capabilities deliver top-of-the-line, mobile-first features and enhanced technologies, including advanced game optimizations, ultra-realistic graphics, and lightning-fast connectivity and performance speeds to help contestants use desktop-like performance. Gaming performance makes the phone a top gaming machine.

The Snapdragon Pro series of events has expanded to the world, including three tiers (Open, Challenge, and Masters), redefining the appearance of mobile e-sports, allowing players from multiple regions and levels to have the opportunity to win the championship, with a total of about two competitions. Million-dollar prize.

Rodrigo Samwell, Chief Operating Officer of ESL Gaming, said: “The rapid rise of mobile esports is well known and we are very proud of the role ESL has played to date. This new partnership with Qualcomm Technologies and its Snapdragon brand enhances our mobile ecosystem. To reach new heights and reach our fullest potential. We are excited to transform the future of mobile esports for players and fans around the world, and continue to build a world where everyone can make a difference.”

Qualcomm and ESL Gaming launch Snapdragon Pro series of esports events with $2 million in prize money

The collaboration features innovative, customized brand integration, spanning live and online events, to demonstrate how Snapdragon drives products to deliver rich and advanced mobile gaming experiences.
Don McGuire, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Qualcomm Technologies, said: “Qualcomm Technologies is fully committed to gaming. Snapdragon Elite Gaming leads the mobile gaming industry, benefiting players of all levels and enabling the ecosystem to achieve the best in the industry. Gaming experience.

By partnering with ESL, the Snapdragon Pro Series will be an important addition to Qualcomm’s complete gaming strategy, allowing us to establish a leadership position in the global mobile esports space.”

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