People are less interested in iOS 15

We are using the record of breaking every new iOS conflict adoption left and right in the first few days of its availability, compared to its e-trees. However, it looks like iOS 15 is breaking this year from the trend.

People are less interested in iOS 15, than iOS 14, based on installs so far

According to a new Mixpanel report, iOS 15 adoption grew at just 8.5 percent on Wednesday at 12 AM Eastern. To put things in perspective, momentarily in the release cycle of iOS 14, it was already running on 14.5 eligible devices. That’s an amazing difference, and points to people not really enthusiastic about iOS 15 – thus not jumping in for a quick update.

Mixpanel measures iOS supported visits to websites and apps that use its mobile analytics SDK, so data isn’t official and not completely accurate – but the competition is with last year’s Mixpanel data. Acquired by the way, so the fact that adoption of iOS 15 is lower than in iOS 14 is probably a fact, even though the correct percentages are off.

For what it’s worth, Apple doesn’t report any adoption numbers yet, and if iOS 15 has really outperformed its company, it’s unlikely that the company will announce it publicly. Apple last June returned 85 percent of its adoption for iOS 14.

People are less interested in iOS 15, than iOS 14, based on installs so far

Earlier this year Apple revealed that people who live on iOS 14 will also have the option of getting critical security updates after the iOS 15 update comes out. It has probably been contributing to someone’s annoyance at jumping to the new version – that is, perhaps p nailing many issues over the past few years with the first new iOS release version.


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