OnePlus releases Oxygen OS 12 for Open Beta One Plus 9 and 9 Pro

OnePlus 9 and 9Pro have already received some Android 12 developer preview builds in the last few months, but today both phones are for a variety of treatments. OnePlus is releasing the first OxygenOS 12 Open Beta Blade for them.

As the name implies, it’s based on Android 12, but unlike the DDP, OnePlus is integrating the new Android 12 codebase with its Oxygen OS skin.

OnePlus releases Oxygen OS 12, for Open Beta OnePlus9 and 9Pro
OnePlus releases Oxygen OS 12, for Open Beta OnePlus9 and 9Pro

Speaking of codebase integration, one of them, between OxygenOS 12 and ColorOS 12, and this, the company promises, will result in “a fully upgraded and robust upgrade experience over a more stable and power-saving system.” With the supply, however, still today. Oxygen holds the OS “fast and smooth DNA”.

Oxygen OS 12 comes with the “updated UI”, which “provides ease of use and adds power through a flexible design”, whatever that means. OnePlus says it is highlighting the use of light and space while simplifying visuals through geometric deconstruction. The icons are intellectually different with better textures.

Shelf OxygenOS 12 has more customization than ever before, with different size cards, background images, and the ability to collect features. The StefCounter Card Shelf now has a HealthCard, which can be personalized with your OnePlus Watch, giving you easy access to metrics such as calories and heart rate. There is also a new earphone control card.

OnePlus releases Oxygen OS 12, for Open Beta OnePlus9 and 9Pro
OnePlus releases Oxygen OS 12, for Open Beta OnePlus9 and 9Pro

For global users, OnePlus Scout is now integrated on the shelf, after being available for a while in India. It’s a one-stop service for all nets villains, allowing you to read any content on your device, including contacts, documents, music tracks, and wiki.

Work-Life Balance 2.0 is based on Zen mode philosophy and is available to Hindi users. In OxygenOS 12, it’s also released internationally, with an upgraded version. In its settings, notifications and messages from different apps can be categorized in two ways and customized. In addition, work and life patterns will intelligently switch to your location, Wi-Fi network, or specific times of the day.

Dark Mode is adjustable in three levels, a feature that ColorOS gets from Android 11. The gallery allows you to cut two-finger resin punch gestures between different configurations, with a thumbnail cut based on the content, thus looking more sophisticated.

An upgraded games toolbox 2.0 is built into OxygenOS 12, building on top of the same feature found in OxygenOS 11.3 for OnePlus Nord 2. It will now be available to global users, supporting voice modulation in five popular games, allowing you to make changes. Voice over chat while playing, thus protecting your privacy. You also have FPS floating windows, game filters, frame rating settings, and wiki.

OnePlus releases Oxygen OS 12, for Open Beta OnePlus9 and 9Pro
OnePlus releases Oxygen OS 12, for Open Beta OnePlus9 and 9Pro

Canvas AOD 2.0 is also in OxygenOS 12, enhanced by the addition of new brushes and line colors for better customization, based on actual performance. The Note app has new editing functions, new formatting tools, and better features.

If you want OxygenOS 12 on your OnePlus 9 or 9 Pro, make sure you have over 30% battery storage and at least 3GB of storage space, then head over to this forum post which has the necessary downloads.

Keep in mind that there may be problems and bugs and such – in fact, OnePlus specifically mentions that the camera may be unstable, receive texts and calls, Bluetooth accessories may fail to connect, Buttons in the gallery may not work properly, and screen recordings may not be saved – and these are just known hero issues. So it’s probably safe to try not to play it on your main phone or phone.

In the future, Oxygen OS 12 Open Beta Builds will also land for OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, 9R, 8T, 7 Pro, 7, 7T, 7T Pro, Nord 2, Nord, and Nord CA.


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