OnePlus Buds Z2

The next budget of OnePlus TWS earbuds, the Buds Z2 launches in a few today, and we get the third part. This does not reveal too much we didn’t already know, but rather it serves as a confirmation that the previous ones were on the right track.

The Buds Z2’s notable upgrade will be 3 microphones for noise reduction and a better design that will bring better exposure to the wind. Headphones are protected by having an IP55 certificate from water and sweat while the charging box receives IPX4.

OnePlus Buds Z2, images have been leaked, specs have been confirmed

The links will support Bluetooth 5.2 but there are no modern audio streaming codecs so they rely on basic AAC and SBC. The sound is produced by 11mm drivers.

Each band sports a 40mAh battery while the case comes with a 5U 520mAh cell. Box charging time is 0 to 100 is 90 minutes and total playtime is 27h with no noise cancellation or 38h. Regardless, Kathleen gets 5h playing time off with the ANC and 7h with the ANC closing. This is an important piece on last year’s Buds Z that was limited to 5 hours.

The case itself charges over USB-C, of course, but doesn’t support wireless charging. Each bag weighs R4.4g while the box varies to 42g depending on the color, which is either black at night or white by day.


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