Vivo WATCH 2 and S12 series

Vivo has officially released official information. It will officially release the Vivo S12 series of smartphones featuring selfies on December 22. In addition, Vivo will also bring a brand new smartwatch, Vivo WATCH 2, and it has also opened a reservation service.

New Vivo WATCH 2 "will come with the S12 series"
New Vivo WATCH 2 will come with the S12 series

The previous generation of smartwatch Vivo WATCH was officially unveiled in September last year. The main function is 24-hour heart rate detection and blood oxygen detection. The upcoming Vivo WATCH 2 will focus on independent communication and battery life. Independent communication should be eSIM technology. , Smartwatches such as Apple Watch and OPPO Watch have already used this function. It allows the smartwatch to be operated independently of the mobile phone. For users who do not want to carry the mobile phone for outdoor sports, this function is still very useful. There is no relevant information on battery life performance, and it should have a good performance.

At the same time, the appearance of the Vivo WATCH 2 product has also been officially exposed. This smartwatch still uses the shape of a round dial, but compared to the first-generation product, the frame area of the screen has been further narrowed. It can be expected that the screen display area will increase. Will increase slightly.

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