new specifications of USB Type-C, which can reach a 240W power supply. It is very inconvenient to bring that bulky and intrusive transformer when going out. Especially those users of mainstream gaming notebooks. But this phenomenon may soon change. Because USB-IF recently announced a new set of USB Type-C 2.1 interface standards. Charging power up to 240W, more than double the current maximum of 100W.

At present, the highest charging power of USB Type-C is 100W. There are many such charging heads on the market, and many manufacturers take advantage of this feature and add a USB Type-C interface. That can provide 60 to 90W charging on the display. Charge mobile devices such as thin and light notebooks, mobile phones, or tablets.

However, for a notebook with higher power consumption. The charging power at this point is not enough. In many cases, the USB Type-C port of the notebook can only be used for charging around 40 to 60W. This is why the hardware configuration is slightly mainstream or advanced. A little notebook will come with a transformer.

new specifications of USB Type-C’s power

However, the new USB Type-C Power Delivery (DP) standard announced by USB-IF may allow many laptops to completely get rid of transformers. In the new 2.1 version of the standard. USB-IF said that the new USB Type-C DP specification named “Extended Power Range (EPR). It will be able to support 240W of charging power.

new specifications of USB Type-C,
new specifications of USB Type-C,

This means that in the future, many mainstream games could be completely switched to USB Type-C for power supply without the annoying transformer. Of course, under the new specifications. Users need a new USB charging head and USB Type-C cable to achieve 240W charging power. USB-IF stated that “all-new EPR cables should have obvious signs in appearance.” To reach the 240W standard, a USB Type-C cable needs to support 5A 50V voltage and current.

It is not yet known when the USB charging head and related cables with this monster-level power supply will be on the market. But you can also look forward to it.

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