Motorola Moto E20 official: budget smartphone will appear in October

Motorola has officially presented the Moto E20. The smartphone has simple specifications, runs on Android Go software, and will be released in October for only a hundred euros. This is what you need to know.

Motorola Moto E20 official
The Motorola Moto E20 will be released sometime in October in gray and blue, although the second color is only available through the Motorola web store. If you buy a Moto E20 before December 31, you will receive a 64GB micro SD card via this Motorola website. With that card, you can expand the internal storage memory of the smartphone.

Motorola Moto E20 official: budget smartphone will appear in October

Specifications Moto E20

You can’t expect any special specifications from a smartphone that costs one hundred euros, but you can expect a reasonable basis. On paper, the Moto E20 lives up to those expectations.

Below you will find the most important specifications of the device;

6.5-inch screen with HD resolution
Simple Unisoc processor with 2GB RAM
32GB storage memory
4000 mAh battery, charging via USB-C with 10 Watt
IP52 splash-proof design
13-megapixel camera + 2-megapixel depth sensor (on the back)
5 megapixel selfie camera
No NFC chip and support for 5GHz WiFi
Android 11 Go

Motorola Moto E20 official: budget smartphone will appear in October

The Moto E20 will run on version 11 of Android Go, the lightweight version of Android, upon release. This operating system is optimized for smartphones with simple specifications.

Motorola lets Android Planet know when asked that the Moto E20 will not receive Android updates and will receive two years of security updates. The device can therefore be used safely until September 2023.

The Motorola Moto E20 is one of the cheapest smartphones of the moment. For example, it is also cheaper than the Moto E7 Plus, which costs 149 euros but offers better specifications. Are you looking for a dirt-cheap smartphone? Then read our overview of five smartphones that cost less than a hundred euros.


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