Meizu Technology MEIZU officially announced that it will hold the Watch Me! Meizu Smart Life Conference at 14:30 on May 31, 2021. Bringing a new lifestyle in the name of intelligence.

The protagonist of this conference is the MEIZU Watch smartwatch that has been warmed up for a long time. This is also the first time that Meizu has launched a smartwatch product. Which is officially defined as an all-smart watch.

MEIZU officially launch watch conference is scheduled for May 31

Meizu officially
Smartwatch Meizu officially

Meizu officials stated that in the Internet age, smartphones have become a part of our daily lives. Whether in life or work. How to break away from the mobile phone and put down the mobile phone to challenge what we want to do is the new way of smart life that Meizu has always hoped to explore.

Putting down the phone, uncovering the things that we once wanted to do and accomplish hidden deep in our minds. Pursuing and exploring a more extreme life is a brand new smart lifestyle that Meizu wants to present.

Now that the concept of “full smartwatch” has been introduced and users are expected to put down their mobile phones. This means that Watch will have very complete functions, at least to ensure that the phone will not be “lost” after putting down the phone. This is also the same as the previous eSIM The revelations reached an agreement.

The watch supports independent communication, APP, and payment functions

It is reported that Watch has appeared on the telecom eSIM website before, which means that the device will support eSIM independent communication, can completely get rid of the mobile phone to realize 4G network connection, call, and other operations, and can be used independently.

In addition, from the previous introduction of Meizu’s Flyme for Watch watch system, it can be known that MEIZU Watch will also support the installation of a wealth of third-party APPs. Users can install the required applications, including music, payment, travel, and even entertainment. On the one hand, it can even be regarded as a small smartphone.

In addition, Watch will also support the Aicy voice assistant on the watch side, which can achieve a consistent user experience with the mobile phone side, providing users with a real smart watch experience, and the final performance is worth looking forward to.

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