List of Google Pixel 6 camera features leaked

There is no denying that Google is very excited about its upcoming Google Pixel 6 pair. The company revealed the device months before it intends to release it, and it has already advertised the Pixel 6 before it even revealed many of its specifications and features. XDA developers have revealed a list of features that we can expect from the Pixel 6 pair, but before entering it, let’s look at the camera hardware first.

List of Google Pixel 6 camera features leaked

Most of the things we know about the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are the camera hardware side products. The Pixel 6 will have a 50MP Samsung GN1 main sensor and a 12MP ultra-wide camera. The Pixel 6 Pro will later be two in addition to the 4848MP 4X Telephoto Perry Scoop Zoom Camera. The Pixel 6 Pro will see an upgraded 12MP selfie camera.

With Google’s new Pixel phones, it will use its software processing to enable new software features and improve image quality. XDA manages to exclude some of the new features that have never been used on Pixel devices. These features have been discovered through the built-in internal structure of the Google Camera app (and from unlicensed sources) and may or may not be finalized in retail units.

  • Wide Angle Front Camera: The evidence in the code refers to the Pixel 6 Pro (not the Pixel 6) having an ultra-wide-angle lens. According to XDA, “Our source confirms that the selfie camera offers Pixel 6 Pro on the Pixel 6 Pro, offering zip-level zoom levels: 0.7X and 1.0X.

  • Video Recording: The main camera supports 4K video @ 60fps, but the ultra-wide and telephoto cameras are mounted at 4K @ 30fps. Also, recording at 4K / 60fps, Woome zoom level is 7X. Meanwhile, 4K or FHD recording can be enabled at 60fps recording up to 20X. This is still the case for still images.

  • Manual White Balance: Google is working to add this feature, but it’s not ready yet. XDA estimates that this might be just a developer feature, making it as easy as keeping the camera app with Google philosophy.

  • Magic Cleaner: The code “Swiss” is a feature called a magic cleanser. This feature is for the Pixel 6 Series and may be accelerated by the TPU (tensor processing unit) of the sensor chip. It is described so that you can easily remove items or people from one image.

  • Face deblur: This is a feature that has been endorsed by Google. It works by adding additional frameworks to the article, using an ultra-wide camera at the same time as it captures the HDR frame from the main camera. The TPU then processes the camera details to dab a face that may have been moving.

  • Sean Locke: This feature is most recently associated with the code name “Naruto”. Sen. Lock may appeal to AF / AE Lock but it is unclear what the purpose is.

  • Bluetooth Microphone Support: Feature’s code name: “Auction” and the code suggests that the feature will arrive, but the XDA source could not confirm.

  • Motion Blur: Suggests that a new feature allows users to “simulate the effects of creatives in your images” according to the code.

  • “Semi-aesthetic: Leo is linked to Google’s” Top Shot “feature when motion photos are enabled. This feature appears to be accelerated through Tensor’s TPU.

  • Baby Mode: This can be an auto-capture feature that recognizes and detects two recognizable moments in the moment and when they are playing or walking.
List of Google Pixel 6 camera features leaked

Again, these features may or may not have it in Pixel 6’s latest hardware. Check out the full XDA report to see the complete breakdown of each of these features and the lines of code found.


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