iPhone 14 comes with a 2TB storage option

We’re still about a year away from the iPhone 14 series, but rumors about the next-generation iPhones have already started circulating on the Internet, with the latest claiming that Apple will be in the storage on next year’s iPhones. The storage will double the storage.

Apple this year will be adding storage and Wi-Fi storage to the iPhone 13, with the second, Pro and Pro Max models coming in 1TB terminals. And if the source is right, we’ll see the iPhone 14 lineup with 2TB QLC storage.

iPhone 14, comes with a 2TB storage option

The source does not explicitly mention any of the models, but if Apple is planning to offer really 2TB storage, we will see it in the Pro and Pro Max variants, with the potential to expand from 512GB to 1TB. General Chat Chat Lounge

We don’t want Apple to decide to increase the storage space on iPhones next year, but we think the new camera features are one reason for the ump in storage space. Finally, you need at least 256GB of storage at 30 FPS in 4K records to record ProRes videos on this year’s Pro and Pro Max models. 128GB version is limited to 1080p 30 FPS ProRes videos.

That said, we suggest that you use this information with a little salt since it doesn’t come from Apple. In addition, we’re several months away from the launch of the iPhone 14 lineup, and plans can always change that before the final product arrives.

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