iPhone 13 Pro Max

DisplayMate Inspected New ProMotion-enabled Display on iPhone 13 Pro Max The results were nothing but positive – in fact, DisplayMate won the Best Smartphone Display Award with Apple’s new flagship A + grade. It can set or match up to 12 smartphone display performance records.

iPhone 13 Pro Max, Receives DisplayMate Best Smartphone Display Award

Each iPhone 13 Pro Max display has been calculated in factory color and contrast accuracy. The phone supports sRGB and DCI-P3 content and offers near-perfect reporting accuracy to both devices. Get 0.5 JNCD (noticeable color difference only) for display score formats (value less than 1 means you cannot see the difference with the naked eye).

The measurement of color accuracy and intensity was not affected by the image content, that is, with a different average image level (APL). With automatic brightness enabled and a full white screen (APL 100%), the display has no sRGB and 1,051 knots for DCI-P3 color gametes. The peak was closed by the suicide light at 846 knots.

iPhone 13 Pro Max, Receives DisplayMate Best Smartphone Display Award

But that’s not all, the iPhone 13 series also supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision content. The peak brightness for HDR content was 1,200 knots. The screen reflects 4.6% of incoming light, at least measured by DisplayMate so far. Also, the True Tone mode adjusts the white point and color balance of the screen in terms of ambient light.

The display holds up when ڏ ed at any angle, losing 24% of its brightness when placed at 30º and experiencing a white shift of 3.1 JNCD at that angle. Also, it works with polarized sunglasses whether you keep them in portrait orientation or horizontally.


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