Includes Hasselblad XPan mode for OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro Update cameras

OnePlus has launched today for version for the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro. This update brings a replacement camera mode, called XPan.

XP Mode is a reference to the Hasselblad XPan, the rebel-branded version of the dual-format military TX-1 camera that was launched in the late 90s. In addition to shooting at 35mm film, this camera also can shoot in 65mm wide format for a panorama at 65:24 (or 2.7: 1) scoop ratio.

XP Mode is aimed at the OnePlus 9 series to copy it. You launch this model from the Mode Select screen. It comes with a new UI 65:25 Speed Ratio Finder and with limited controls.

Includes Hasselblad XPan mode, for OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro Update cameras

You have three options here. You can switch between different color modes, a slightly tweaked natural color set, and a default black and white mode based on the Ilford Delta 400 film. You can also change your focal length from 45mm wide to 30mm, which switches to an ultra-wide lens. Lastly, you can also control the visibility.

When you capture a shot, the screen briefly turns negative as the last image slowly forms and becomes DVD. It was alleged to “create a way of film development ritual.”

65:25 The aspect ratio on these phones is that they cannot be native, and the images are native to their original 4: 3 sensor. This is a little odd since the main feature of the original XPan was that the panorama was created to actually enhance the viewing area, not by cutting or masking a standard.

Includes Hasselblad XPan mode, for OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro Update cameras

The images are also saved in 20MP resolution. In 45mm mode, the resolution is 7872×2916 and in 30mm mode, the resolution is 7552×2798. OnePlus says the images are K48 units based on the original 48MP and 50MP resolution-related sensors. In fact, the images look like they are simply rendering 12MP images up to 20MP. No additional details and the images look and feel like 100 z zoom.

The “traditional sense of filmmaking” is also a slow and laborious effect. It’s four or four seconds and a half seconds before you can see another picture. It has a 1-view effect but it is definitely not something you should use if you are in a rush.

XPan mode also can’t be utilized in portrait orientation. This is rather strange if you see the original Hasselblad XPan ad, many of the images they marketed are actually super long portrait panoramas. But the OnePlus 9 phone can only do scenarios in this mode.

Includes Hasselblad XPan mode, for OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro Update cameras

As for the final pictures, they look like cut-out monochrome pictures. The ratio is extremely unique and interesting, but it isn’t something you cannot literally do on any camera with a fast edit. The lack of portrait orientation is also striking.

You can also shoot XPan images in color, which are on the brink of the camera’s default shooting mode within the same way that they color. White balance and dynamic range with some contrast between 45mm and 30mm XPan modes.

OnePlus is also making some great improvements to the camera performance in general with this update. There are changes in HDR processing, image sharpening, white balance, nightscape visibility, and dynamic range in low light. OnePlus says some of these changes have already been made in previous updates but did not specify how.

Includes Hasselblad XPan mode, for OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro Update cameras

Lastly, the update also patches the phone on the September security patch.

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