Google officially releases Android 12 update for pixels is only coming “in the next few weeks.”

Google is running late with the release of Android 12, at least if we compare this year’s timeline to the 2020 one when it rolls out Android 11 on the first Monday of September. We are here today on Monday, October 1st, and Google is “officially releasing” Android 12, and its source for the Android Open Source Project.

Google officially releases, update for pixels on Android 12 is only coming "in the next few weeks."

And yet – if you’re wondering about the actual update to Pixel phones, they appear to be coming out “in the next few weeks.” So a release that is not a release – we thought we had it a few days ago, but it has a new flavor.

Google says Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo, Realm, Techno, Vivo, and Xiaomi’s phones will get Android 12 “later this year”, which is no surprise as it always leaves third-party device makers a few weeks or months away. It takes Nado to adopt a new android. Version to their particular vision.


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