Do you put a screen protector on your phone?

The cost of chemically reinforced glass with advanced rye is less of an issue these days, but it is not a completely resolved problem. And if you drop your phone, Glass may still be here.

Repairing a damaged screen can easily be $ 200- $ 300. Warranty repair costs $ 169 over the iPhone 7 Plus, but you can buy a working 7 Plus for $ 155 or even larger. in the. And this is not Apple’s problem, Samsung Direct (in the US) will charge you $ 249 to replace the screen on the Galaxy S10 and then you can buy a smartphone for less – $ 234 or even higher. (Second hand, of course)).

Do you put a screen protector on your phone? What about a case?

These are cherry-picked examples to illustrate our point, if you are fond of replacing the screen on the iPhone or Galaxy S / Note versus the cost of second-hand units, read this post by Sopapa.

It’s not sunscreen, these bulging camera bumps are also quite weak on modern phones. It costs money to replace them – for parts, but also for work when everything else is tied up in one place.

Yep, we will stop now as it starts to feel like we are trying to get you out there. We’re not, we’re just curious if you brought a screen protector to your phone. Some come with a plastic protector pre-installed – do you keep it or remove them? And if you give it a go, what’s next – maybe a glass protector?

Do you put a screen protector on your phone? What about a case?

If you have issues with the embedded pool above, you can cast your vote here.

In the same way, your own case on your phone, and what kind? We don’t think bumper cases are particularly popular (though we may be wrong). The most common types are plastic types that do not have thin plastic cases that are not available on most top and bottom phones (but offer limited protection), silicone cases that are thicker (but more greasy and more protective). And اه Out in the rubbery, bad case.


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