Beats Studio Earbuds true wireless headphones released

Apple’s company Beats by Dr. Dre (Beats for short) officially released Beats Studio Buds true wireless noise-cancelling headphones. The product Beats Studio Earbuds adopts a stylish, light and comfortable design, with IPX4 anti-perspiration and water resistance, while also providing excellent active noise reduction and transparent mode.

Beats Studio Earbuds will start accepting orders on July 2nd, offering black, white and Beats classic red, supporting Apple and Android devices, and the price is 1,099 yuan.

Beats Studio Earbuds true wireless headphones released
Beats Studio Earbuds true wireless headphones released

Furthermore, The official said that this headset has carefully designed details to optimize sound quality, comfort and durability. The earphone shell conforms to the ergonomic design, each earplug weighs only 5 grams, and comes standard with three sizes of silicone earplug covers, which are comfortable and non-feel.

Sound quality and noise reduction

In addition, This headset uses a proprietary 8.2 mm dual-element diaphragm drive unit with a rigid piston in the middle and a flexible surround on the outside to bring a powerful and balanced sound effect. Coupled with the two-tone room acoustic design, Beats Studio Earbuds achieves excellent stereo separation and low harmonic distortion across the entire frequency curve. In addition, for Apple Music users, Beats Studio Earbuds will automatically play spatial audio mixed with Dolby Atmos from the available audio tracks, allowing you to enjoy true multi-dimensional sound and clear sound quality.

Beats Studio Earbuds true wireless headphones released
Beats Studio Earbuds true wireless headphones released

Beats Studio Earbuds headphones support Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology and use real-time adaptive gain control to block unwanted external noise (including wind noise). To ensure that the playback sound remains clear after active noise reduction is enabled, Beats Studio Buds uses an algorithm to correct and clean up artifacts that degrade sound quality at a rate of 48,000 times per second while monitoring the source file.

When you need to hear surrounding sounds, long press the “b” key to easily switch to transparent mode. The outward-facing microphone will mix the returned surrounding sounds and the music you are listening to, creating a natural listening experience.

During a call, the dual beamforming microphone can lock your voice, filter out wind and external noise, and bring a clearer voice.

Connection and control

Beats Studio Buds supports one-click easy pairing of Apple and Android devices, and the two earplugs can be connected independently.

According to the official, both Android and iOS users can switch the listening mode, check the battery level and receive firmware updates directly on the device. Beats Studio Buds also supports the voice assistant function, which is convenient and convenient to use.

Beats Studio Earbuds true wireless headphones released
Beats Studio Earbuds true wireless headphones released

Battery life

The earplugs provide up to 8 hours of listening time, and the equipped charging box supports two additional charges. The combination of the two provides up to 24 hours of playback time. When the active noise reduction or transparent mode is turned on, the listening time can be up to 5 hours, and it can be up to 15 hours with the charging box. If you need additional power, when the battery is low, use Fast Fuel flash charging technology to charge for 5 minutes, that is, continuous playback for 1 hour.

IT Home understands that Beats Studio Buds supports the “Find” function on Apple devices. By using the last known location (when paired via Bluetooth) or playing a sound (when nearby), you can easily find the missing earbuds.

Beats Studio Buds can be ordered on from July 2nd, priced at RMB 1,099, and will start shipping on July 6.

The official Beats flagship store on Tmall and the Beats self-operated flagship store on JD will simultaneously start pre-sales on July 2.

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