Apple watchOS 8 is officially released! Added “quiet thinking” function and portrait dial.

After leaking information many times in the past. The new year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2021) will be held online. Furthermore, At the meeting, Apple announced a comprehensive upgrade of Apple’s internal systems. Such as iOS, iPad, and Apple watchOS.

Apple watchOS 8 is officially released
Apple watchOS 8 is officially released

Apple watchOS 8 new mindfulness app

Furthermore, at this Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC 2021 conference, Apple officially launched the watchOS 8 system, mainly for health upgrades. watchOS 8 adds the “quiet thinking” function and redesigns the animation. At the same time, it adds monitoring of breathing rate in sleep mode to help users get better sleep monitoring. Updated a mindfulness app to help users think about their mood Positive things. Breath App has been enhanced with new and beautiful animations.

Three new detection systems

Furthermore, It is worth noting that the health function of Apple watchOS 8 has added three new detection systems. One of which is balance detection. Users can use the gyroscope in the iPhone to detect according to the number of steps and frequency Whether there is a risk of falling. In addition, the Trends function integrates multiple detections to give a comprehensive trend. And the last test function is to share health data with family doctors. Which plays a role in assisting medical data.

Apple watchOS 8 is officially released
Apple watchOS 8 is officially released

New watch face

In addition, the watchOS 8 system also brings a new portrait dial, supports GIF animation “reflection mode” soothing animation. New Tai Chi mode record, and Pilates record.

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