Apple Watch Series 8

Apple is working with a larger display on the Apple Watch until 2022. According to Ross Ying, CEO of Industry Insider and Display Supply Chain Consultants, Apple’s Watch Series 8 can be of three display sizes when it launches next year.

Apple Watch Series 8, could bring a bigger display in 2022

Currently, the latest sale Apple Watch Series comes in 7 sizes N-41mm and 45mm, before the 40mm and 44mm of the Series 6. So it’s possible that the Apple Watch Series will be 8mm by 45mm.

Meanwhile, according to well-known analysts, Ming-Chi Koo Apple Watch Series 8 will add new health management features such as the ability to monitor your body temperature (on some current smartwatches like the brain, not the skin). , But it is unclear how this will happen. Work.


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