Apple New MacBook Air

Shortly after Apple’s event yesterday, Ming-Chi Kou, a well-known Apple analyst, made some interesting predictions about the upcoming MacBook Air. We should expect the arrival of new laptops by the end of this year.

To meet the deadline, Apple has to start production in the second or third quarter. The new design is more compatible with existing MacBook Pro lineups and Apple will offer seven color options. Some of them may have white bezels and white keyboards. Both thickness and weight should be reduced.

Apple New MacBook Air to Launch in 2022

Kuo believes that Apple will redesign the iPad Pro models and the MacBook Pro in 2021, followed by a new MacBook Air in 2022, all with mini LED displays and Apple silicone chips. Today’s DigiTimes report, citing supply chain sources, echoes this general sentiment:

Sources expect that Apple’s 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro set to be released in 2021 will be equipped with mini LED displays, and the adoption of mini LEDs in 2022 will be on its Mac. Book Air Products will be expanded.

In addition to the newly designed 16-inch MacBook Pro, Kuo has said that he expects Apple to launch a new 14-inch MacBook Pro with a brand new design in the second quarter or third quarter of this year. Kuo says the MacBook Pro models will feature Mini-LED displays for increased brightness, better contrast, more colors, and more.

MacBook Pro models are likely to be the main driver of mini LED panel shipments as they will reportedly get mini-LEDs before the iPad and see a sharp increase in shipments.

As a result, Apple is likely to introduce mini LEDs as a “Pro” Mac feature, however, Kuo believes that the company will be able to meet the rising cost as the cost of ‌Apple Silicon‌ chips will increase with Intel processors Significantly less than This will allow him to bring technology further down on his most popular MacBook.

Apple New MacBook Air to Launch in 2022

While Apple’s M1 chip will be on the helm, this year’s MacBook Air mini will miss the LED display. Again, the current Air is running on an M1, so it’s weird to see the same one used in the 2022 model. Maybe just a big change in design.

Kuo’s optimistic scenario sees MacBook shipments growing by 100 percent over the next three years, with up to 35 million units per year, thanks to the adoption of ‌Apple Silicon‌ and the refreshed designs.

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