Apple iPhone 13, Lineup Battery Detailed, Scope Wi-Fi

Apple iPhone 13 series last week, and generally, while it wipes out their battery life it eliminates any detail on their capabilities. A filing will appear at the end of the week, showing the capacity of the batteries, and showing how much they cost.

The iPhone 13 Pro has gained a lot of credentials, while the iPhone 13 Mini comes very close to its eclipse absolute in terms of absolute and percentage.

Apple iPhone 13, Lineup Battery Detailed, Scope Wi-Fi
PhoneWh RatingApproximate mAhThe increase over the 2020 model
iPhone 13 mini9.342,4389%
iPhone 1312.413,24015%
iPhone 13 Pro11.973,12511%
iPhone 13 Pro Max16.754,37318.5%

Interestingly, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro have different batteries this time around, unlike their EE trees. That’s not a huge difference, but when you consider that the vanilla 13 doesn’t even have a 120Hz screen, it can take a lot of trouble to worry about it.


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