Apple 14 September event

The next generation of the iPhone is coming on Tuesday, 14 September. Here is a summary of all the rumors and leaks coming in a few days.

iPhone 13 series.

The familiar configuration will have four new models, starting with the iPhone 13 mini, via the vanilla model, the iPhone 13 Pro, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. From what we are hearing, this will be the last gem of the gem, which will be replaced by the Vanilla Max model next year. But the Pebble flagship has twelve months left to prove its worth to Apple.

The biggest upgrade of this generation will be the display. Both Pro models are expected to have 120Hz LTPO OLED panels, the first iPhone to have a high refresh rate screen. That means the vanilla duo will persist with 60Hz this year, but there might be another upgrade for all four – an “Apple Watch-like” always-on display mode. Or it could just be the Pro since LTPO has significantly reduced the power draw for static screens (which is why it’s used on the Apple Watch).

Apple 14 September event

Charging may increase speed, small, but still. Wired charging will reportedly be increased from the current 20W to 25W. Wireless charging will also be faster and while no solid numbers were included in the leak, current models support 15W MagSafe charging, so 20W or 25W will not be unexpected. However, they will all need new chargers (like this), and we’ve heard that they’ll be a bit more expensive (Apple currently sells a 20W charger for $ 20).

The big camera upgrade isn’t expected until next year, but there will be some adaptations in 2021. For example, the ultra-wide camera is getting a better lens with autofocus. Some analysts say that all the four models will have a leader, while others claim that it will be exclusive to the pro models.

The Ukrainian retailer has listed six colorways for the iPhone 13 mini: black, blue, purple, pink, white, and therefore the exclusive product red. According to this listing, the phone will have 64 GB and 128 GB storage options. The big 13 will have 128 / 256GB, the same for the 13 Pro and the 13 Pro Max is getting 256 / 512GB storage. There is no mention of the 1TB option that some analysts are predicting.

Apple 14 September event

An interesting new development could see the iPhone 13 work beyond cell coverage – a satellite link would allow users to send messages in case of an emergency, Ming-Chi Koo wrote with some Bloomberg explanations.

The Apple A15 chipset used in this generation of iPhones will be built on TSMC’s improved N5P node – a slight increase of 5% in performance compared to the A14 chip built on the N5 node. Or promises 10% electricity savings. If there is any improvement in any of these categories, it will come from structural changes, not from nodes. A leak in August suggested that the iPhone 13 series go on sale on September 17 (at least in China). That was a good thing before Apple confirmed the September 14 release date.

Apple Watch Series 7

In 2018, the watches will be available in 40mm and 44mm sizes, but that is about to change – according to a Lexter, the Series 74 will come in 41mm and 45mm sizes. They will still use an equivalent wrist strap, however, size bumps and thinner bezels can bring larger screens.

Apple 14 September event

The Apple Watch Series 7 will replace the design with flat sides to make it look like iPhones and iPads. Newer models can also increase the size of the battery at the cost of adding new features. Like the iPhone 13, major upgrades to watches (such as body temperature sensors, blood sugar, and alcohol sensors) will come in the next few years. However, the currently available sensors need to be improved.

This generation should bring a better Apple S7 chipset with better UWB support. The new chip and new battery also can cause better endurance, Apple’s smartwatches are something that will not run 24 hours of normal work.

A word of warning – while the watch event will definitely come to light, it may take some time for them to reach the stores. Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman reported some production issues, which could cause delays.
IPad mini 6 and cheaper iPad: maybe next month.

Apple 14 September event

The iPad Pro with an M1 chipset is one of the most powerful tablets you can afford. But they are big and precious. A compact iPad mini 6 is working (looking at the Lexus), with an 8.4 ”liquid retina display running at 60Hz. The tablet will measure 206x138x6.1 mm and will come in a variety of colors reminiscent of the new iMax: Space Gray, Silver, Rose Gold, Green, and Sky Blue.

Don’t expect the M1 chipset, though the Apple A14 is more likely (the iPhone 12 chip). It should be the first iPad mini to offer optional 5G connectivity. Expected storage options are 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB.
Also, as part of the design change, the Touch ID fingerprint reader is expected to move from the front bezel to the slate (this will be combined with the power button). Money can also support the upcoming Apple Pencil 3, which was talked about a month ago.

Apple 14 September event

There’s also talk of a cheaper vanilla Apple iPad, however, this and Mini probably won’t be unveiled on the 14th – expect to see them at an October or November event, most likely With the new Max. Minutes) There is always a chance that Apple will pull “one more thing” at us, but don’t live up to our expectations.
IOS 15, iPad OS 15, Watch OS 8, TV OS 15. All of this is currently undergoing public beta testing, culminating in the launch of new phones, watches, and (possibly) tablets. You can read about the new features and see which older devices are supported

AirPods 3 Pro, maybe not this year.

Put it down as “maybe” – we hear a lot about the new AirPod 3, but Bloomberg says there are no new AirPods this year. It can also support local audio and maybe noise cancellation. The current thinking is that they will have hardware like $ 150 Bates Studio Buds (which lacks local audio).

What about the new AirPods Pro? Not this year, called Ming-Chi.

Apple 14 September event

Probably no new Macs.

We’re hearing a lot of 14 “and 16” MacBook pros that will feature the more powerful Apple M1X chipset and mini LED display, although they may not be ready for this month’s showtime. Rumors of a new Mac mini (with M1X) are also a possibility, not just in September.

Apple 14 September event

Check back with us on Tuesday, we have detailed coverage of all the new devices (and services and more) introduced by Apple at its “California Streaming” event.

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