Android 12.1

XDA developers discovered some interesting things about the upcoming Wi-Fi update for Android 12, probably called Android Android 12.1. We do not have the full range of features available now, but it is possible that many, if not all, of these, are intended to improve the quality of the phone. It is also possible to create this movement for foldable pixel phone releases.

In any case, XDA developers have a built-in taskbar feature in Android Beta Builds and have found a tutorial with some code strings that indicate how the taskbar runs.

Android 12.1, is all about improving the folding phone experience

By default, the dock will open on the home screen or when a split-screen will start to appear and hide when you open an app in fullscreen. Run an app from the taskbar and drag it to the bottom half of the screen to open it when the phone comes up, grab the taskbar itself to hide or hide it, and of course, you can add your favorite apps.

The system code defines the descriptive dynamic when displaying the taskbar, such as folding and unlocking the screen, and displaying a picture of the display phone. It is interesting to note that the image shows a separate instance of Google’s Chrome browser, so we can see the support for better multitasking in Android 12.1.

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