A new Poco C-Series phone

There’s a new Poco phone on the way – the brand tweeted a clever “CU Soon” message with a September 30 attached date (next Thursday). And while the brand doesn’t have a U-Series (yet), it definitely has a C-Series.

In fact, the Poco C3’s launch sold over 2 million units in the first nine months after its launch. It was back in August, so that number has probably stayed up since then.

A new Poco C-Series, the phone is coming next week

What will the Pocono C4 look like? Somehow it has succeeded in avoiding the sharp sight of lurkers or by a name by which a scene has appeared. The C3 was now one of the most affordable Poco ever, the new model probably won’t break the bank – the C-Series is for entry-level phones.

For those that deserve it, the C3 related is related to the Redmi 9 variant of the Earth (alias the Redmi 9C), so the new model should be similar to the Soulball Ball Redmi 10.


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